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BBPress in Four-Column Pinboard layout

  • ZachMatthews


    Hey guys –

    I’m using the Pinboard theme as a base in a WordPress Multi-site. This has been complicated but I’m getting it together.

    The BBPress plugin loads and works perfectly except for one issue: it is breaking in four-column layout on the top level (i.e. the “Forum” page). Within the sub-forums and within the topics themselves it lays out fine.

    Here’s the messed up layout:

    But then if you navigate down a level, to a forum, it lays out fine:

    So it’s obviously just a settings issue with the top-level forum. Is there a place I can go swap over to like a four-colun-layout.php or something like that for that top level? I’m comfortable using the editor to customize the site.


    Zach Matthews

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  • ZachMatthews


    So I can see what’s happening in the CSS elements. For the “Forums” page, the layout is calling to the “threecol” CSS class as opposed to “onecol.” When I use my Chrome editor to change the tag live, I can make it lay out properly. However, I am not sure where the actual “threecol” versus “onecol” decision is being made, so to speak, for the forums page. One of the php files? The master index php?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time I think this qualifies as a bug.

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