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BBPress humanized time off by 1 year

  • hydrogriff


    For the lead topic, I am using this to show a human readable date. Although the date for the <time> tag is displayed correctly, the actual text part of the date (where it is humanized) is off by 1 year.

    This is the whole link code – <a href="<?php bbp_topic_permalink(); ?>" class="bbp-topic-permalink"><span class="bbp-topic-post-date"><time datetime="<?php bbp_topic_post_date();?>" title = "<?php echo bbp_topic_post_date();?>"><?php bbp_topic_post_date(0, true); ?></time></span></a>

    The <?php bbp_topic_post_date(0, true); ?> part is off by 1 year but only for a few posts. The reply dates suffer the same fate. They are also off by 1 year – again for only a few posts.

    I have tried it with plugins deactivated + twenty seventeen theme. Still the same. I have also tried doing all the forum repair tool items. Nothing changed.

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