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bbPress group forum turned off – group still redirects to forum

  • Steven ter Horst


    Hi, I’ve set-up bbpress and buddy press (latest version) and initially enabled group forums. I’m now trying to disable group forums. Op the fronted site I can change the group settings and disable the group’s forum. In buddypress settings I can uncheck “Allow BuddyPress Groups to have their own forums”.

    However, whatever I disable and uncheck, even if I switch off the entire bbPress plugin, when I open a Group, it still tries to reach the Group’s forum. For example: groups/mountainbike/forum and there you see that the page doesn’t exist.

    So, disabling seems to work. But how do I change the settings so that upon clicking the group link, I start on the Group’s activity page? Even if I open a new group without a forum, the group link still tries to open a group forum.

    I’m sure it’s a small thing, but can’t find it. Hope someone could reach out. Thanks in advance!

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