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bbpress future? no funding?

  • eddr



    I know it has been asked, but I think this issue is still on the table for many – are there any insights about the future of bbpress? it has been going quite slowly, while others, like wpforo update more frequently and adding more features

    Is there anything the community can do? is the problem funding? donations will help? what should be done?

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  • Robin W


    I’m only a helper on here, and have nothing to do with development of bbpress, so these are just personal comments.

    bbpress’s philosophy has always been to be a light plugin, and allow others to create add-on plugins that have optional functionality.

    The main author JJJ is proud that the plugin is so stable that new releases are not needed regularly.

    A new version 2.6 will when released contain performance improvements and lots of code improvements under the hood, but the only visible addition is per forum moderation.

    Most features asked for are available in add-on plugins.

    Are there any particular things you are after?

    bbPress should focus on performance, not features, it has to be flexible to expand and customise, and team working on it needs to be able to maintain the core, not solving theme issues for all possible forum features. It is the same as with WordPress, core features extended by the plugins.

    A lot of forums users need basic features, and they find bbPress easy to setup and use. And, there are a lot of other features added through plugins to extended the bbPress, and users can choose what to install and use.

    If you need more forum features, I can recommend my Toolbox plugin for bbPress: and few more bbPress plugins you can find on my website.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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