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BBpress Forums and Topic Styling

  • cbsyph


    1) I’m trying to figure out how to reduce the size of the Heading/Title bar of the forums/topic etc.

    The default is about a 1 1/2 inch thick solid bar. However; the text Forum/topic/post and freshness is about a third of that width. I’d like the title box to be more stream lined rather than bulky as it is…

    I’ve been trying to locate the appropriate CSS file and lines to update but have had no luck.

    2) I assume this is kind of the same formatting issue and can be resolved the same way. Each topic in the forum is allocated about 1 1/2 inches of space to show the topic titel, and its corresponding counts. Again I only need that space to be about 1/2 inch at most.

    I’m aware that its probably most appropriate to use padding and margins to explain what i’m seeing and trying to change. But I’m a novice and figured i used jargon more familiar to me.

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  • Robin W


    bbpress looks different on every theme so we need to see yours

    So can you

    a) post a url to your site and in particular an example page

    b)state exactly what items you want larger smaller

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