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bbPress Forum within WPMU Subdomain Blog?

  • skipcollege


    I’ve searched for hours but can’t find out how to accomplish this…

    If I have WPMU subdomain blogs installed at:, how do I install a bbPress forum within one of these subdomain blogs at:

    Since there is no actual subdomain configured within cPanel and the WPMU subdomain blogs are virtual, I don’t have a folder there to install bbPress into.

    I only need to install a bbPress forum within 1 WPMU subdomain blog, however, I will take a solution that does this for all subdomain blogs, if need be.

    From there, I’m assuming that I can integrate the bbPress installation(s) with WPMU so that user accounts can be shared, like usual?

    Need to figure this one out very soon!

    Thank you!! :)

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  • skipcollege


    Still haven’t been able to figure out how to get bbPress installed within a WPMU subdomain blog site.

    Anyone know how to go about accomplishing this??

    Maybe some fancy virtual host or mod rewrite code is needed??


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