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bbPress forum styling

  • I need help making a couple of changes in how my forum looks.  I’m using a Parallelus theme (Salutation) and they have not updated their theme yet to the latest buddy/bbPress changes.  I asked for help on their forum (as to the styling) and they said that the theme just uses the basic bbPress layout.  I’m using bbPress 2.3, Buddypress 1.7.

    Here is how the forum is laid out:

    I want the title of the discussion to basically change places and size with the text underneath it describing the topic and where the forum is.  I can barely see what the forum name is and if we have an avatar, we sure don’t need a big name in bold.

    I would assume that the same changes would affect the Activity Streams:

    Here’s the catch: please spell it out for someone who can’t code.  I wish there were a plugin that I could use or shortcode…  Is this something that I will have to change everytime there is an update with the theme?

    Well, hopefully someone can point me to a permanent solution as this one is far from useful.  Thanks!

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