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BBpress forum integration and linking

  • Hello guys,

    I’m new to wordpress and bbpress and started to learning it today. I recently installed wp which succeeded and added bbpress through the plugin tab on the admin page. I installed WP on my root page so how do i access my forums via typing in the linkbar in any browser?

    I’ve browsed for a solution before i decided to make a topic and I’m very lost. Also the bbpress forums, how would I organize mine with the forum category on the left side and latest topics in the middle?

    Thanks very much in advance.

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  • SlimTrigger


    I am also completely new to wordpress and bbpress, and have a similar, if not identical, question.
    I successfully installed wordpress and created a new blog – it still only has the original home page and sample page.
    I then successfully installed bbpress, and created a forum. I can view the forum through the link on the Dashboard, which also shows me the website name for the forum.
    But my issue is this – neither the home page nor the sample page have any hyperlink to forums – so the reader of the home page has no idea that a forum exists, or how to access the forum.

    Can you please point me to instructions as to how to get links to my forum on the other pages of my website??

    Thanks very much

    Have a read of this to help get you going



    netweb, thanks for your reply. I had previously looked at the bbpress getting started page, but did go back again per your suggestion. Unfortunately, I am unable to apply anything past the installation. I did not install BuddyPress – do you have to install BuddyPress in order to get bbpress to work?

    When I go to my WordPress dashboard “Pages/All Pages” there is no sign of any forum page – I suspect that this is probably closely related to my problem, which is that I don’t have any idea how to “connect” bbPress forum pages to my WordPress blog (e.g. for hyperlinks). I am assuming that the primary purpose of creating bbPress was to make it function effectively and somewhat seamlessly with WordPress – but I can’t find anything that tells me what the developers have in mind for that?

    Thanks for your help and advice

    No, you do not need BuddyPress installed.

    Is the bbPress plugin activated on your plugins settings? (if it is deactivate it and reactivate it)

    There are three new menu items on your WordPress navigation menu. These are:

    Forums – create and manage your forum.

    Topics – topics are created within forums, they are the issues that are being discussed.

    Replies – replies are made to topics, this is the actual discussion.

    You should be able to see your forums at

    You can also create a standard WordPress page and add a shortcode eg. [bbp-forum-index] (This will Show your entire forum index) to the page content.

    You can then add either to any of your main WordPress menus for easy navigation.



    Thank you very much! I will get going on this right away

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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