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bbPress forum as homepage

  • maskis



    And thank´s for great plugin!

    I have tried to change my forum page to be my site´s homepage using shortcode [bbp-topic-index]. I can make my forum index come up in a box in my homepage, but it is missing all the extra´s in the forum pages (ie. latest posts, latest topics, etc.). Is there a way to really set a forum page to be homepage of my site?

    I have the newest versions of WP and bbPress, and I´m running on newest version of Customizr theme.

    My homepage is (a Finnish homebrewing site) and I would like the visitors to get straight to my forum in

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  • Robin W


    I suspect that your homepage just needs to have the correct sidebar applied to it, so yes you would use the shortcode as you suggest, but in dashboard>pages>homepage you will need to allocate a sidebar



    Thank you for your answer!

    You were right, most of my problems were due to not having sidebar on the homepage. This is now fixed!

    I encountered now more frustrating problem. When I use the shortcode above on my homepage, the forum is displayed in default template. In the actual Forum-pages the template is alternate forum template 1 (I´m using bbPress Style Pack plugin). I would like the homepage view to be alternative forum template 1 too.

    In Style Pack plugin “Not Working?” section reads as follows:

    “It’s not working !!
    It may be as simple as closing and restarting your browser, so try this first !!

    If that doesn’t work…

    Style pack works with many/most sites, but it can fail due to a myriad of reasons, including (but no means limited to) site permissions, php versions, other plugins and most often site themes where the theme author has altered bbpress files.

    This is no-ones fault – whilst I can control how bbpress performs, there are many thousands of plugins and themes, all of which may be trying to amend the same stuff as I am, and many host poviders who will have differing but equally valid permission and code versions.

    Problem finding
    1. “caching” software that speeds up the download of your site, but may not recognise and immediately make changes from my plugin

    Do you know if you are using caching software? If so then try refreshing, purging or deactivating to see if this fixes.

    If you still have the issue, we need to work out which parts are working and which not

    We need to look at 2 areas – files and css

    2. Files
    If your theme author has changed bbpress files in his theme, this will be for valid reason, which may relate to either style or functionality

    No bbpress files have been changed in the theme

    3. CSS
    If css had loaded then the text below will have a green background, if it has not loaded this will be a red background

    This sentance should have a green background

    If the background is red, then try amending the “css location” tab above

    check the activate box and set the location to
    and save these changes
    and then come back and re-check this area.”

    I´m not using any cache plugin at least to my knowledge. I´ve also tried to unactivate all of the other plugins than bbPress, Style Pack and BuddyPress. This makes no difference.

    Can´t find any settings that would force the homepage view on the theme to be any different than on any other sections of my site.

    Any clues, what could I do to fix the problem?

    Robin W


    I’ll try and take a look when I get a moment

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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