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  • uksentinel


    I am looking to achieve ( I think) what does not work on the page currently ?

    On the left of this page is a Tab named Feeds, both ‘All Recent Posts’ and ‘All Recent Topics’ which do not work

    I am ideally looking at a way to list recent replies / posts without limiting the search to newest post per Topic ?

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  • uksentinel


    I forgot to mention, I use the widget (BBPRESS- Recent replies) which work well but am looking o achive the same results via a MENU drop down (shortcoode) or simular hyperlink.

    I use the following to show latest Topics –

    Looking o achieve simular for Replies ?



    I have manged to come up with a way to achieve what I want and thought I would share it with others on this BBPRESS forum.

    So I wished to show an activity stream that lists the most recent post /replies, which can include many posts from the same topic as the standard widget does already, but also expand the each post so it is readable by default (like a preview window) ?

    So I already use GD Power Search for bbPress and have created a custom search parameter via hyperlink which shows the newest post regardless of where they may come from as either a single topic or multiple, the key is post post/reply freshness.

    The link I used (added to menu) is ( which performs a search each time for newest post/reply and displays the text box.

    A crude workaround, but it works 😉

    Robin W


    🙂 thanks for posting the solution

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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