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bbPress email Notifications don’t work

  • Elia


    Hi there,

    I use myMail + Amazon SES to send all the emails on my website.

    All the system emails works, BuddyPress emails works. However, bbPress email notifications don’t work.

    I already know that the problem with the myMail settings:

    When I use “Do not use MyMail for outgoing WordPress mails” everything works. But I can’t use this setting, because all the emails became ugly and with different design (Buddypress has it’s own design, WooCommerce has it’s own, bbPress has no design at all).

    Therefore, I have to use “Use MyMail for all outgoing WordPress mails” in the myMail to have unified emails. However, bbPress emails don’t work as I said.

    Can anyone help me, please? I’m willing to pay for this.

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  • Elia


    The strange part – once I install “bbPress Notify (No-Spam)”

    Notification works but only for the Admin

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