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BbPress does not work with woocommerce and buddypress

  • Wwasabi


    Hello everyone. It is my first post.

    It is nice to be a part of a such big community.

    I have a problem with my WP. Currently I have installed buddypress, bbpress and woocommerce. It has to be “social platform” with an options to register user to an event (that is why woocommerce is used).

    I am creating this website for a long time (2 months). and just 2 days ago I realized that all Forum settings disappear.

    Of course I had a few back ups, but even the oldest did not fix the problem, do not know why.

    It was working before because I set up a few forums, and created topics etc.

    Also, when I try to delete the plugin or update, this appear: Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbp_get_user_id() in /home/rugby7s/domains/ on line 8

    Functions.php was not modificated by me.

    Forum works, but cannot be edit in any way in admin panel.

    I use Elegant Theme: Glow.

    Even if I change theme there is still the same problem, so in my opinion it is not theme’s problem.

    I already searched any solutions, but it seems that no one had exact problem as me.

    Any ideas what went wrong?



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