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BBPress database problem

  • folgerj


    Hi JJJ, I have an issue with my forum and I don’t see anything in the community (I may be searching for the wrong thing)

    My forum is and I think it did great last season.

    Somebody asked me what shortcodes I used and when I went to the page in the dashboard it will only serve me the last created forum topic.

    So if under pages I click the page for the forum to view the codes it returns this (I hope I can’t be hacked by giving this out…

    This is a forum post topic that I created last year. If I trash this post it will return the next newest post topic for the forum.

    Can you or someone tell me if there is a simple solution? Is this most likely a plugin problem? (I know most are and I suppose I could go through and deactivate them and see if at any point see the page)

    Or is this a pure database problem, thoughts?

    Oh I’m getting nice comments about how mine looks and I don’t know if my forum looks all that great since I’m in compatibility mode using Weaver theme. But folks seem confused and feel I’ve done great pimping on the CSS when it’s all the theme for colors and what it looks like.

    Jeff “foliage” Folger

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  • folgerj


    Ok just like I thought (yes I’m not smarter than a fifth grader and I should have checked this first) it’s a plugin [Simple Facebook Connect] that is causing my forum page to show the last topic post instead of the page with my short codes.

    I know it’s not your problem but I thought you would want to know about it in case it comes up again.

    I’m sending Otto a not that it is causing a problem with your plugin.. I’m going to activate it and see if I can find something else that will do the same thing but not conflict with yours..

    Thanks for a really great plugin… :-)

    Thanks for the report back :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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