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bbPress content re-organization

  • @jjj this is mainly for you & anyone else who might be editing the site, so if there’s a better place to discuss this, e.g. the the bbPress devblog, let me know.

    I looked at the current page structure and thought it could be structured a bit differently:

    About & Features reshuffled

    • About

      • GNU License
      • Domains (possibly merged with License page)
      • Get involved
      • Privacy
      • The Story
      • Development
    • Features

      • Fully Integrated
      • Multisite Forums
      • Simple Setup
      • Examples/Showcase (might be better off as its own parent)

    Move to codex

    • Installation
    • Requirements

    This also depends on the plan for pages like ‘simple’, ‘integration’ and ‘multisite’, which might not need dedicated pages if they can be explained simply enough in a paragraph (I’ll give it a shot).

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  • John James Jacoby


    Looks good to me. You’re free to shift things around at this point. WordPress’s canonical redirect will take care of the rest. 🙂

    Yesterday I offered to help write some copy for, so this is the first of many such posts in a series of sorts as I work my way through the pages and contents in question.

    Today I’ve been looking at the examples page. This page is not linked to yet, but we’ll sort that out once we’re happy with the page itself.

    Also, down the line bbPress should simply have its own “flavor” on the WordPress Showcase site, coupled with a custom page on that pulls information from there, much like how the BuddyPress showcase probably already works. But since that might take a while (all I know is it’s beyond my capabilities) I figured a static page would serve as a good substitute in the meantime.


    I realized that a common question that’s going to be popping up as I work on these pages is “Changes to vs Changes to my article formatting“. So when I give this feedback, know that I probably have a reasonable workaround for it in mind already if you don’t agree with the proposed changes.

    • Page headers – Either make them take charge of the page (more prominent than h1) or don’t show them at all. One of my favorite examples of a beautifully dominant page title is WooThemes’ Optimize.
    • On my test site (also where my images are currently loaded from because I don’t have that privilege here yet) I used captions to achieve some simple compartmentalization. It seems the theme doesn’t have any styling for captions yet. Furthermore, on hover they expand slightly instead of highlighting in some other way (e.g. a shadow overlay), making the content below shift downwards slightly, which looks weird.
    • The showcase codex page should be retired.

    Your input is most welcome, including my choice of “featured” items.

    I just finished a draft of my proposal for’s license page. I don’t think a dedicated GPL license page is necessary when there’s a nice public page for it and plenty other trustworthy “mirrors” in case of downtime.

    I basically copied the WordPress License page, updated it with mentions of bbPress and alternatively licensed forums, and merged it with a summarized version of the domains warning.

    Your thoughts please.

    Gah, just noticed I typed the link to the examples page wrong. Here’s the proper link:



    Nice that is looking awesome!

    John James Jacoby


    A GPL page would still be nice to have. I’m comfortable linking to for now in places where there is direct content overlap like that.

    John James Jacoby


    Let’s keep discussion in one topic so we don’t litter the front page also.

    John James Jacoby


    Merged the topics together.

    I figured they were two different topics (this one was kind of ‘case closed’ already), but alright.

    Okay I’ll incorporate the on-site GPL page back into the article.

    Any further thoughts on my styling points?

    I also made a few more edits to the examples page. The WPMU forum is apparently still running on the stand-alone bbPress, so I had to remove it (for now). Kudos to ck for making the top100 for the legacy bbPress forum.



    Thanks for including SWNK in the examples list!

    Makes me want to look into making a custom theme and improve it. All the changes made at the moment are through CSS and functions.php 😉

    Thanks for including SWNK in the examples list!

    ’twas my pleasure. Your forum does a very good job of being clean and readable, and you’ve clearly built a very active community around it.

    NB bbPress site owners: You’ll want to follow this trac ticket to know when you can submit your bbPress-powered site to the official WordPress showcase.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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