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bbPress content field width variance (registration)

  • ricky9


    Hi all

    Fairly new to WordPress and the use of plugins (and the complications of interacting with themes) so please bare with me!

    I am using the them Accelerate Pro theme, Version 2.5.10 of bbpress on a managed WordPress 4.6.1 site provided through godaddy. I have installed bbpress but I have come across two problems.

    Firstly I do not seem to get the bbpress sidebar in widgets after installation? I have been trying to work round this by utilising Widget Logic options and codes (from a community help page) but is there anyway of getting this sidebar on my theme which would be a lot easier!

    Secondly (and more importantly!) – the display of the fields on the registration page (I have create using shortcodes) gives the full width for the username and email fields but the rest (First Name (required), Last Name (required), Company/Organisation (required), Confirm Email (required), Password (required), Confirm Password (required) only display across about 1/8th of the page and look horribly bunched up. I suspect this is a problem across bbpress on my site but it is most noticeable here.
    The url of the page is:

    Register Forum Account

    Other pages created are:



    Restore Forum Password

    I have not done much in the way of setting up forums and topics as I wanted to get it displaying correctly first.

    Help! You advice and guidance is most welcomed to ease my frustration!

    Kind regard


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  • outerk


    Maybe you can use this in you .css:

    .bbp-login-form label {
    width: 320px;
    display: inline-block;

    instead of using 98% width;

    How did you get these extra form fields? Im looking for a solution for this.

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