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bbPress compatibility plugin for TinyMCE

  • I have written a simple plugin for TinyMCE to make it compatible with bbPress’ usage of double line breaks as paragraphs. The plugin replaces all paragraphs with said double linebreaks and br-Tags with single linebreaks upon posting. When editing an existing post, all linebreaks get transformed back into br-tags for TinyMCE. So you can use TinyMCE with bbPress without changing anything in bbPress.

    You can download it here:

    You also need to set remove_linebreaks to false, or all linebreaks will get removed by TinyMCE.

    Currently, it still has one limitation (besides not being thoroughly tested): When you edit an existing post, double line breaks do not get converted back to paragraphs in TinyMCE. Instead they become two br-tags.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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