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bbPress cannot count properly after upgrading

  • karaboga



    We’re using bbPress integrated with WordPress 2.1.3. Before upgrading to everything was ok. But after upgrading, something has broken.

    bbPress cannot count these values properly:

    – Numbers of topic and the messages of a member in his profile. (For example, a member who had 6 pages of messages in his profile, has only 1 page now)

    – Number of “topics with no replies, topics with no tags, unresolved topics” values are wrong. Each has less pages now.

    – In admin panel, the number of members is not accurate. bbPress says there 714 members; but this value is 6109 (this is the correct one) in WordPress.

    What can be the problem? I can tell the plugins we use, if necessary to solve the problem. Thanks!

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  • chrishajer


    Did you try recounting from the admin panel?

    Admin > Site Management > Recount

    "The following checkboxes allow you to recalculate various numbers stored in the database. These numbers are used for things like counting the number of pages worth of posts a particular topic has. You shouldn't need to do do any of this unless you're upgrading from one version to another or are seeing pagination oddities."

    (sure wish blockquotes were styled here!)



    Thank you. Yes, I’ve tried that; but nothing changed.



    Hi again,

    We couldn’t find any solution for that problem. If that’s a bug; I hope it will be corrected in new versions.

    By the way, I’d said that we’ve integrated our bbPress forum to our WordPress blog. Now, forum users’ data is taken from WordPress’ wp_users table in database. And now, we do not have bb_users table.

    If we want to seperate bbPress from WordPress (cancel the integration); what can we do? If we cancel the integration; does the bb_users table created automatically?

    The bb_users table will not be created automatically. You’d have to copy it and the user meta tables from the WP ones.

    The counts problem is strange, and not one I’ve heard of before. Do you any plugins installed?



    Thank you, I’ve understood the un-integrating issue.

    For the counting problems; these are the plugins we’re using:

    Allow Images 0.7.1

    Avatar .73a

    Memberlist .80

    Censor 0.1

    Comment Quicktags for bbPress 1.1

    Front Page Topics 0.8

    Post Notification 1.3

    Online List 1.4

    Support Forums 1.2

    User Timezones 0.2

    Sam Bauers


    > Support Forums 1.2

    That’s a really old version of Support Forums, not sure if it has anything to do with your problem, but it is really old.



    Thanks for the replies; I’ve upgraded the forum to the newest version 0.8.3, and then I’ve apply recounting. Now the problems I’ve stated in my first message are solved.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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