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Bbpress – caching mobile pages plugin

  • neon67


    Friends, can you name a plugin that would cache all kinds of pages (desktop and mobile) for all anonymous users. And did not cache for registered ones.
    *For a long time Im have been using the Fastes cache plugin – and only recently found out that it does not have a mobile cache)))

    Which one has? VPS server Nginx, OS Debian.

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  • Robin W


    the plugin says it does

    WP Fastest Cache

    Features :

    8. Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices



    Yes, but look below:

    PREMIUM PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION The free version is enough to speed up your site but in the premium version there are extra features such as Mobile Cache, Widget Cache …

    Also seen the difference by Page speed test my website – between desktop(highest mark) and mobile(middle bottom) pages.

    Of course, I can to convince my client to buy this premium, but first I would like to understand: is there a more simpler plugin for mobile cache (in this case a lot of redundant unnecessary features). What else can to see?

    Robin W


    always learning – I’ve never considered that a plugin would stop caching to mobiles 🙂

    Basically it is extra code to not cache mobiles – you have to find out what the http request is coming from and then stop the default cached request. you need to have a list of mobiles to work this out.

    Normally you would only do this if your mobile site needed different output, rather than not be cached!

    So seems that your plugin is really just a shop door to a paid product.

    I’ve always used w3 total cache, but then it was the first one I picked many years ago, and it seems to work fine, so I just keep using it.

    it does have the ability to turn off mobile caching, use a different theme, or redirect to a different site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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