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Bbpress & Buddypress "link flow"

  • nickzee


    I believe I have a good grasp of how bbpress and buddypress work together. My current setup is using bbpress as the forum and buddypress as the networking for members.

    My issue and questions are related to the links created by each of these plugins.

    Instead of linking to a forum archive page, I’ve created a separate page and am using short codes to add in the forum. I did it this way because I don’t like how WordPress (or the theme) adds “Archive” to the page header (in my case it’s “Forum Archive”). I also don’t like that Archive pages have limited sidebar options, and poor SEO (thanks to Yoast for making it better). But anyway, you can see I’m trying to stay away from the archive pages.

    The problem with my setup is the breadcurmbs above the forums. When navigation backwards, the breadcrumbs take you to the “forum archive”. Additionally, a link that is directly to a reply or topic, it is based off the forum archive. Foe Example:

    FORUM LINK: (shortcode method.)

    Are there any tricks to getting these links to work seamlessly with each other? Or a different method of setting up the forums? Or any other advice?

    I appreciate it with thankfulness.

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