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bbPress Breaks My Site

  • Christian Freeman (codelion)


    Guys, I’m having a major problem with bbPress on my site.

    If I have bbPress activated, I can’t do ANYTHING in the wordpress admin (Create, Edit, or Delete Posts, Pages, etc). bbPress is slowing my site down to a crawl. It’s so slow, that the page eventually just times out.

    This has to be a flaw in the bbPress code, because there’s no reason why bbPress should be running on every page of the wordpress admin. That’s incredibly ineffecient on your server resources.

    Can someone please help me fix this problem?


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  • Hi, seems like a conflict with another plugin or theme. Try deactivating all other plugins and switch to a standard theme, then reactive them one by one to see which one goes in conflict.

    Christian Freeman (codelion)


    You’re right.

    I went through and deactivated all of my plugins again, but this time I activated bbPress first, and I discovered that the issue is being caused by a conflict with the WooRockets Pagebuilder plugin. All is well now that I’ve deactivated the page builder.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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