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Bbpress Avatar Size Changing?

  • WPDragon

    @wpdragon trying to create a forum with bbpress…i also have buddypress installed…..however, I notice when testing the forum, that all the “replies” to any forum post for some reason seems to change the avatar to a slightly smaller size, and also the Role Names seems slightly misaligned too.

    The odd thing is, the First Post looks seems that this is only occurring to the “replies” that follow after the first post.

    Hopefully someone can understand what I mean & make sense of this….I would appreciate any response that would help.


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  • Lynqoid


    It could be a css issue, or it could be to do with the theme. It’s difficult to tell if it’s not css without a link to your site.

    You can use chrome and right click the avatar and inspect to see if their is any differences in css styles.



    Hi @Lynqoid – ya, ive been trying to tweak the CSS…and im kindda getting it close to looking similar….however, the frustrating part is, since the replies are all using the same Class such as: bbp-reply-author img.avatar — whenever i make a change it will also effect the first post at the top which was already in perfect placement….right now it seems the avatar images on the replies are slightly misaligned and pushed abit to the right…compared to the First Post at the Top which is centered perfectly…hmmm, i just find it odd how it the First post is fine, but the rest that follow are not…when they are all using the same Class & style.

    Im working locally…wish i could post the link…i know its hard to see what i mean..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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