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BBpress API to add forums and topics

  • seoshnek


    Hello guys!

    I have a specific question about adding forums, threads and replies in Bbpress.
    Some times ago i made a script that’s sending data to fill the DB in wordpress – i just send via POST: author, post, title etc via php script, that add it all to DB. It was simple.

    Now i have to make it in Bbpress, and there is a problem: besides the ‘wp_posts’ data i see many cells in ‘wp_post_meta’ when i create a forum, topic and a reply such as:


    The problem is that I want to do it in the future delayed (this future posts date). And the question is: how do I write this posts and Bbpress helps me and refreshes that data in ‘wp_post_meta’.

    I googled my problem and found this functions in functions.php:

      function bbp_update_topic_topic_id( $topic_id = 0 ) {
         $topic_id = bbp_get_topic_id( $topic_id );
         update_post_meta( $topic_id, '_bbp_topic_id', (int) $topic_id );
          return apply_filters( 'bbp_update_topic_topic_id', (int) $topic_id );

    That’s what I’m looking for? I will be happy if Bbpress has some API or xml-rpc method to add a topics and replies, but there is none 🙁

    Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

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