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bbpress and wp 3 multisite

  • Hi all, id like to set up a wordpress website that lets a user signup which then gives them their own blog and also gives them access to the forum – is this possible?

    then as an extra but not essential – is it possible to do the above but use facebook connect to gain access to the above?

    hope that makes sense

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  • deadlyhifi


    This is entirely possible. You’ll need to do the integration thing to get the common cookies for login, etc. There are plenty of posts on how to do that so do a search and a read and have an experiment with that.

    You’ll need to consider that both WP and bbP have a registration screen and user account page. As you want to allow blog creation I presume you’ll want to let WP handle the registrations, but you’ll need an element of the bbP user screen for forum activity history.

    If you have registration though WP you’ll need to make sure that bb_capabilities is set in the wp_usermeta table when they register. There is a plugin for that.

    Facebook connect will be a WP plugin so affects the WP signup process, as long as the bb_capabilities, as mentioned above, are set it doesn’t matter how their account was created – standard WP registration or otherwise.

    I hope that makes sense. Start by getting the integration working, then remove the bbP signup page. Provide links to the user’s forum history/favourites page, and make sure bb_capabilities is set when registering through WP.

    Good luck.

    Thanks for the info I see ill be having some fun getting all this to work over he next few days.

    Can you tell me the plugin names of the plugins you mention?

    Many thanks



    The plugin is Add bbPress Default Role. It’s three lines of code so you may be better just writing it into your functions.php file.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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