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bbpress and wordpress with 1 access Facebook Connect

  • Hello,

    I want to make it work both my wordpress blog and bbpress should 1 login with facebook connect.

    I just trying with this way:

    In wordpress plugin I installed Facebook Connect:

    In bbpress plugin I installed Simple Facebook Connect:

    I have read the readme Installation guide, and install it without any error notice.

    In my wordpress blog it works well. But not in my bbpress.

    If I’m connected as facebook user in wordpress, in bbpress I should click Facebook connect, and the result is:

    Error: an user account with the email address ’email @ address’ already exists.

    Note: email @ address is a valid email, I just didn’t want to show it here.

    More Info: I’m using database integration for wordpress and bbpress, so it is in the same database name access.

    So, what should I do?

    Which is the best solution for this issue?

    Thank You.

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