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BBPress and WordPress Sync Is Set Up… Now What?

  • xarzu


    I have managed to get BBPress and WordPress Sync installed on my web site. That is, the sync plug in (the latest one) is installed and “working” (albiet not as I want it to be). There were a lot of check boxes and input involved to make the plugins (both on the BBPress side and the WordPress) work and see each other. In some of the check boxes I just clicked on them because I was unclear about what they meant.

    The way I would like my WordPress to work is like this. When the user makes his comments about the blog, he is making them in the Forum. So the whole input field where he posts his responses to blogs are not there. Instead there is a link that takes him to the forum where responses are mirrored as responses to the blog.

    If a user goes directly to the forum (an option I will allow). And makes a brand new discussion thread, it is not automatically posted in the blog and the responses to that post are not reflected in the blog as well.

    There are lots of options on the Dashboard for setting up the plugins. Which options should I check and how do I customize the plugins such that my blog and forum behave like I want them to?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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