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Bbpress and Buddypress Roles

  • nickzee


    buddypress roles:
    bbpress roles:

    I have an understanding of the roles within each plugin, but when running both, how do they mingle? Since you can only assign someone to one role, what roles take precedent over the other?

    For example if someone is an admin of buddypress, does that also make them a Keymaster? Or vise-versa?

    Just need to know what role to assign a new user when they purchase a membership to my help forums. They would be either “members” (buddypress) or “participants” (bbpress).

    It would be great if there was a tree structure diagram.

    Current Setup:
    Bbpress: Version 2.3.1
    Buddypress: Version 1.7.1
    WP: Version 3.5.1

    Thank you!

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  • JJJ


    Good question. bbPress uses roles in a different way than BuddyPress does. BuddyPress does not have custom user roles the way WordPress and bbPress do. Instead, right now roles are just a way to identify what user’s have what position in the group member hierarchy: admin, moderator, member, banned, etc…

    Which is to say, one does not directly effect the other in any real way.

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