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bbPress and BuddyPress issues (oh, and a login bug)

  • Nate


    OK, before we get to my problem: trying to post today on was awful. I logged in and it brought me immediately back to the login form itself. So I tried it again and it said “You’re already logged in.” Fine. So I clicked the “Create New Topic” link and it said, “You must be logged in to post.” It was a vicious cycle. Still not quite sure how I got to this form. Even used a different browser, same problem. I wonder if others are having the same problem …

    Onto my problem:

    I’ve got bbPress 2.3+ running soundly, but I really need the private messaging feature offered by BP. It’s been suggested to install and turn on only what I need.

    Of course, it’s not happening easy.

    Here are my two primary issues …
    1) The “Edit” link doesn’t appear on the Profile. I’ll continue to take a look at it, but it has me mystified
    2 – and my biggest problem) BuddyPress hijacks the sign-up process. I’m OK with that, obviously, except that it’s not sending confirmation e-mails. WP/bbPress send out activation e-mails FINE. But the moment BuddyPress is involved, it’s no longer sending them.

    Any suggestions?

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  • bkypes


    I’m having this exact same issue right now. It says I’m already logged in but it won’t let me create a topic.

    Not sure what the deal is with bbPress installing on my site but it isn’t creating any of the custom post links on my navigation so I’m unable to do anything to edit my forum.



    This. Again and again, this.



    (referencing the login issue)

    Now that more than a few users are mentioning it, maybe the powers-at-be will give it due diligence rather than passing it off as user idiocy.

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