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bbPress admin issue on main site of a Multisite

  • Running bbPress 2.5.3 on the main/primary site of a WordPress 3.8.2 Multisite installation, I notice that the bbPress admin pages are only accessible to Super Admin. Regular admin users do not have access to the bbPress back-end. Not even the admin user with keymaster role…

    Is there any way this can be fixed 🙂

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  • donty


    Hi RavanH

    Have you had any conclusion to this issue?

    Not sure there is much testing on multisite installations 😉 Keep coming back to see if bbPress is really suited to Multisite and each time there appears to be lack of clarity.

    As I understand it:

    1) Super admin can install bbPress plugin
    2) Sub site admin should now be able to activate (or at least SuperAdmin on subsite level)
    3) Sub site admin should be able to see managing Forums admin options on wp panel, not just Settings-Forum options (eg repair/reset)

    However, neither Super Admin nor Site Admin can see the Forum management options. Even if they are both showing as Keymaster for the subsite.

    Mad to network activate the plugin, but then you do see the management admin options as Site and Super admin.

    So all you can do to use the plugin is Network activate and as far as I can see that is not the intended behaviour.

    Should this be reported as a bug?

    Rolf Allard van Hagen


    Hi donty, yes bbPress still works this way. As I’m using it only on the main site of a network so I can get around the issue by logging in as Super Admin when I need to manage the forums. But it does seem to make bbPress ill suited for true multisite use.

    For multisite use, I can recommend wich is a much simpler sort of forum plugin but sometimes that is good 🙂



    Thanks ravanh, yes, I have tried forum plugin (member at WPMU) but unfortunately it too has bugs (next/prev link doesnt work on long threads) and they have not released a new working version for a while and the beta doesn’t activate and work for me either.

    Such a shame that bbPress seems so dismissive of the idea of working with multi-site properly or at least in a way that follows most plugins expected behaviour. Some of the responses to others past enquiries almost border on rude – not sure why.

    I shouldn’t complain though, it is OSS but I don’t have the time to work on it myself, so can’t expect someone to do it all for me!

    Thanks for the helpful response.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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