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bbPress Admin Fonts Beautifier

  • Dreamcolor


    Make bbPress fonts of backend minimum to 12px. And fix fonts style from inherit to normal. So bbPress can display chinese (not only chinese) better.

    该插件主要的用途,是那些将 bbPress 后台汉化为中文或其他双字节语种的用户。它将会把后台的字体大小控制在最小 12px,并且将原有的斜体文字变成正常字体。这样,后台在现实中文的时候就不会出现字体过小看不清楚的现象了。

    现在将该插件做成了两种方式。一种是以正常的 bbPress 插件的形式发布。下载后需要将插件目录上传到 bbPress 根目录的 my-plugins 目录中,然后在后台插件管理页面进行启用。这样,即使后台为英文状态下,也可以把后台中出现的中文进行美化。另外一种是做成随语言包自动启动的方式。下载后,将 php 文件上传到语言包目录中。这种方式只有激活了相应的语言包时才会生效。

    由于 bbPress 每次更新,也许会涉及到 CSS 样式表的修改。所以该插件存在一定的针对性。也就是说不是总向下兼容的。所以,插件发布的时候,会把对应的 bbPress 版本标识出来。各位可以从插件的版本号上看出来。例如:1.0.1-1 标识针对的 bbPress 版本为 1.0.1,而后面的“-1”标识是第一个修订版本。以后发布的“1.0.1-2”,“1.0.1-3”等等都是对应的 bbPress 1.0.1。只是插件作出了某些修改。只有前面的版本号变了,才表示对应的 bbPress 版本发生了变化。

    You can download it here:

    Anybody can translate this topic to english? THX…

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  • 邹 毅


    The main purpose of the plug-in are those that will be finished bbPress background or other double-byte languages to Chinese users. It will back control in the smallest font size 12px, and the original text into a normal italic font. In this way, back in reality, when the Chinese had underestimated the font does not appear unclear phenomenon.

    Now the plug-in made up of two ways. BbPress plug-in is a kind of normal form of release. Download plug-ins directory needs to be uploaded to the bbPress root directory my-plugins directory, and then plug in the background to enable management pages. Thus, even if the background for the English state, also appear in the background can be conducted in Chinese landscaping. Another is made with the language pack automatically starts. After the download, upload the php file to the language pack directory. This approach is only activated when the corresponding language pack to take effect.

    As bbPress each update, it may involve changes to the CSS style sheet. Therefore, the plug-in certain targeted. That is not always backwards compatible. Therefore, the plug-in released time, corresponding to the bbPress version of the logo will come out. You can watch from the plug out of the version number. For example :1.0.1-1 logo for the bbPress version 1.0.1, and later, “-1” logo is the first revised version. After the release of “1.0.1-2”, “1.0.1-3”, etc. are the corresponding bbPress 1.0.1. Just plug made some changes. Only the previous version number changed, only that version of the corresponding change in bbPress.

    it’s translated by Google.i’ll mod it later.:-)

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