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bbPress 2.x – Default Forum Attributes

  • Current, the bbPress Forum configuration for my site are as follows:

    Category 1

    – Forum 1.1

    – Forum 2.1

    Category 2

    – Forum 2.1

    – Forum 2.2

    When using dashboard > add >topic, it will link me to create topic page and everything works fine.

    However, whenever user start to add topic using this method, the default attribute for forum post is set to (No Forum).

    This causes the newly created topic to land in nowhere and admin has to read the topic thereafter manually assign the topic to the relevant forum.

    I tried changing the default attribute from (No Forum) to Forum 1.1 but to no avail as it was all locked n grey out.

    Any user encountering the same problem?

    If yes, please enlighten…

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    cool, didn’t know you could set a default forum… where is that setting located?

    I can test and report back if it works for me

    I´m having the same problem actually.

    I´m using Role Scoper and have the following permission:

    The user has a Forum Participant role with a “Topic Author” role added to it. When I add a topic from the Admin panel I can choose all of the available forums that are not private.

    The forum I select is doesn´t tag along when I post the topic and therefore it is added as a topic in no forum. I can see it because the forum doesn´t list it but the “Recent topics” widget does.


    Ok. I tried again as Admin and still the forum I select does not kick in with the Topic.

    Also, as soon as I give the user any Page permission (reader, author, editor) he can see all the private forums in the Topic Attribute select box.

    update: That problem might not be related so I appologize for posting it in this thread.

    Ok. I solved it by installing the Members plugin and creating a new role that only allowed “Publish topics” and “Publish replies”. That got rid of the “Add Topic” and “Add Reply” options in the horizontal Admin bar and solved the problems I had.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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