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bbpress 2.x anti spam features?

  • cavenewt


    I’ve spent a couple of hours looking without much result, so I will ask the question.

    My bbpress standalone 1.0.2 forum was using Human Test quite successfully up until last week, when it mysteriously quit working. It thinks everybody is a nonhuman. The few spam posts that appeared I did not mind deleting manually, then I would manually delete that user also.

    Now I am getting about 50 new registrations every night (normally I get zero to one per day). Not a lot of spam posts, oddly enough.

    So next I tried Akismet. It boasted that it was blocking 25 spams a night. But there is nowhere to check these spams–really? An email to the Akismet folks got me the reply that they don’t have a clue where bbpress stores spams.

    I would much rather block registrants than posts. Does bbpress 2.x have any protective measures built in, or are there any good plugins? Does 2.x play nicer with Akismet?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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