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bbPress 2 with custom theme doesn't work well

  • sinklar



    I have some problems to use bbPress 2 with a full custom theme. bbPress is globally working and the forums are displaying correctly but some views don’t work properly. Example: the topic-tag view, which actually lists all topics of the forums, without taking the selected tag in account. I have the same behavior with the search results (I use the bbPress Search Widget plugin).

    1. When I use the default bbPress theme, it works.

    2. When I use my own custom bbPress theme, the problem happens.

    3. When I override files in the default theme folder (not recommended), it works.

    4. When I use the default bbPress theme as if it was a custom one (copy/paste of the folder, etc.) the problem happens too.

    So it’s not related to my theme as it happens with the default theme files too, as soon as they’re not in the default folder.

    What could it be related to?

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  • Anointed


    I believe JJ fixed this issue a couple of days ago. If you check the latest plugin download from today it may solve your problem.



    I updated the plugin this morning but it doesn’t solve the problem here… :-(



    I’d suggest creating a trac ticket with a link to the site with the problems so that JJ can take a peek someday.

    I had the problem in prior vs. but with the newest vs. of bbPress and my new custom theme I do not have these problems anymore. I never was able to figure out what the cause was.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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