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BBpress 2: failed in some areas

  • abdessamad idrissi


    I used to run v1.0.3 then I decied to go plugin version..

    I did an import but since my forums contains arabic topics; some topics didn’t make into the new version, also, even if they show in my forums when you click on a topic title to view it, it leads you to 404 page.

    I noticed articles contains characters such as; ! , ? are not handled by the WordPress importer.

    another thing is the search field provided in the twenty ten theme: it doesn’t search inside the forum but inside the blog -how to enable forum searching?

    Thanx for the great work and keep on moving :)

    PS. you can compare Arabic and Latin written topics on my forum here:

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  • abdessamad idrissi



    I went deep to try to find out what is causing this problem then I noticed that; topics with long titles are the ones who suffer from this issue.

    for example;

    a topic with a name السينما “تقرأ وتشاهد will show, but a topic with a name like: السينما المغربية تعيش طفرة رغم أزمة قاعات العرض won’t show! instead a 404 error is outputted.

    PS: I opened a ticket @



    I have the same problem in bbpress 2.0 beta 3b, where the search function can search the blog but not the forum. Is this happening because it’s a beta version?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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