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bbPress 2.6 Release Candidate 3

  • JJJ


    Hey everyone! Guess what?

    bbPress 2.6, Release Candidate 3, is now available for testing.

    Download it from here:

    Why is this cool? For starters, @jeffr0 may finally climb down off my back and stop giving me grief for how long it’s been since we shipped a major release.

    bbPress 2.5.0 in 2014, 3 years ago.

    Most people wouldn’t be proud to say that, but… I am. The 2.5 branch of bbPress has been so stable & well received, we were able to take our time with 2.6 and double-down on upstream improvements to WordPress.

    bbPress 2.6 will come with:

    * Per-forum moderators
    * Improved favorites & subscriptions management
    * Improved BuddyPress integration
    * Performance improvements across the board
    * UX improvements to meta-boxes and admin-area tools
    * Tighter integration with WordPress’s Dashboard
    * Template tweaks & clean-up
    * About 110 other things

    If you’re going to test 2.6 on a live site, maybe don’t just yet. It runs a database upgrade routine to migrate favorites & subscriptions from usermeta to postmeta, and for large forums that may take a while or possibly lock things up for a bit.

    We are already running 2.6 here and on, so enjoy the speedier new posting experience, and we’ll let you know when the next beta is ready!

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  • alicesmith23


    Other question, assigning a forum moderator to a forum (subforum not category) doesn’t seem to work. I assigned a user by his WordPress Username.

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