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bbPress 2.5.13 doesn’t work.

  • richiwild


    Hello guys, i’ve created a website on free hosting. Installed latest version of WP (4.8.1), installed some plugins, theme, everything works perfectly. But, when i installed bbPress 2.5.13, i saw that i wasn’t tested on this version of WB, but i tried. As result: when i go to it shows me ERROR 500. Also, when i go in dashboard >> Forums >> List of Forums (maybe it’s named so, cuz i’m using russian version of WP) it also shows me ERROR 500.
    I Decided to downgrade (reinstall) the entire WP without any plugin and theme. I choosed version 4.7.5 as it says that is tested on bbPress 2.5.13. So, i installed WP, installed bbPress, and tried to go to dashboard >> Forums >> List of Forums and it returns me this:

    if image is too small, here’s the link to it:
    Idk what to do and what to try.
    Thanks for helping.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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