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bbpress 2.3beta1

  • moebis


    Not sure if this is a bbpress or buddypress issue (BTW can’t post on buddypress support forums, when I log in to, but that’s a separate issue, I also see the admin menu on…

    Ok, so I’ve been playing around with both bbpress and buddypress for the last 2 weeks. I have checked out of svn both of the latest trunk versions. I’ve gotten pretty adept at setting everything up from scratch during my testing. When creating a group, let’s say “group1” in buddypress, I allow bbpress to create the corresponding forum during group setup. Now, when I go into the bbpress admin backend and create a forum from there, let’s say “subforum1” and make “group1” the parent, it works. Yeah! Just what I wanted, parent groups and sub-forums, however, it doesn’t work the way I expect it to. I can see the subforum in the group now from the front end, and post something in the subforum, but not in the main forum/group “group1”, and every time I click on the group, and then the forum tab, it shows the sub forum(s) and topic posts (only from the last post to the last subforum), and then a create topic form on the bottom, defaulting to the last subforum I created. Meaning I can never post anything in the parent forum “group1” or any other subforums that might have been created under group1. No dropdown to select a different forum to post it to. This is not how would expect it to work. I would expect that you default to the main parent forum (group1) for posting and reading of topics, and the subforums (which do show on the group1 forum page) you can click on and then post within them. It seems this functionality is almost there, and I want to make sure this is either something that is getting fixed, or a mistaken capability that I stumbled upon and it not meant to operate that way.

    Thanks for all of you hard work on these 2 projects, you guys are awesome! I can help contribute to the dev as a tester if you want.

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