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bbpress 2.2.4: forum menu unavailable, add new forum invalid post type issue

  • Shashank Shekhar


    Hi I am using bbpress 2.2.4 with user-role-editor 3.10 ( ) and wordpress 3.5.1.
    I have created a custom role ‘SiteAdministrator’ with permissions lying between Administrator and Editor. (it have all capabilities of editor including user creation/edit/listing etc. and not have edit-dashboard permission).
    I have given all forum permissions also to this role.

    But on logging-in with this user in admin, I am getting only ‘Topics’ and ‘Replies’ menus in admin sidebar. There is no ‘Forum’ menu available.
    Topics and replies are working well for all creation/editing.
    For forums I can list it by direct url pasting in address bar after login, ex. . Also I am able to edit any forum and update.
    But when I try to create a new forum by using, it not working giving error on blank page “Invalid post type”.

    Please let me know why there are no forum menus/submenus available in admin sidebar and not able to create new forums by direct url?

    Tried giving permissions various ways in user-role-editor panel but not working. May be there some incompatibility of user-role-editor with bbpress roles.
    Please someone help.

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