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bbPress 2.1 RC 2 / Theme Compat Questions

  • Zephyr


    Good Day,

    Please forgive me for being a complete Village Idiot in regards to WP + bbPress…

    I am working on a 2nd site, it’s in development right now. I have BuddyPress installed and inactive, bbPress 2.1 RC 2 installed and active (working well so far, I might add).

    I am also using the Custom-Community-Pro theme by ThemeKraft because the young lady that will manage this site is even more clueless than I am and needs the easy CSS updates this provides.

    Per the below (copied in the text I’m referring too at bottom of post), I thought with 2.1 we no longer needed to make child themes, etc., for bbPress to match our WP theme. Am I missing something (most likely)? Do I need to still create a child theme or follow the other directions below on making bbP match my site seamlessly?

    Again, my apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere…

    Thanks and Regards ~ Alisa

    Codex Home → Theme Compatibility

    As of 2.1, bbPress has built-in theme support. All required elements such as front-end editing are included. This means that all functionality will work, even when a theme has no specific bbPress coding.

    All bbPress compat can be overridden using a theme or another plugin. Check bbp-theme-compat template wrappers for what a normal theme should include.

    To customize bbPress::

    Create a new directory within your theme root called ‘bbpress’ for example: wp-content/themes/YOURTHEME/bbpress

    Copy any files from bbPress/bbp-theme-compat/ to the new directory within your theme

    Edit the new files for complete control over bbPress display in the theme

    You can completely disable the included front-end elements by adding the following to your theme’s functions.php:

    add_theme_support( ‘bbpress’ );

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  • That’s fairly accurate.

    You don’t have to create a child theme or any of that unless you want to customize the default bbPress theme (bbp-theme-compat). In that case just copy the files you want to customize into your WordPress theme directory and bbPress will use those instead.



    Thank you for the response…I’m about to show you how clueless I am, but I’m learning…

    To clarify, when I use the customize theme settings using the tool provided with this theme, it should also change for the bbPress forums. However, when I adjust this theme to its dark color option, the bbPress forum tables do not change – they keep white backgrounds, etc., although the font colors do change.

    To fix this, since it’s all cosmetic/CSS, I’d copy bbPress’s CSS to my theme’s directory?

    There, told ya I was clueless…

    ~ Alisa



    I really hate bumping this topic and apologize ahead of time…

    I have read everything I can find regarding getting bbPress’s theme to match my current WP theme. Nothing works…no matter what I do the forum/topic table rows stay white, only the font colors change when I tweak the WP theme’s settings.

    Again, all I’m after is the cosmetics…going with dark table and topic row backgrounds, etc.

    Do I just edit the bbPress CSS to achieve this?

    Thanks Again,

    ~ Alisa

    I’m having the same problem. I copied the contents of the “bbp-theme-compat” folder into a “bbpress” folder in my theme, just like the instructions said, but none of the changes I make take effect. Am I missing something? Is this a common problem?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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