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bbPress 2.0 Post Sync?

  • TheDryTwist


    Are there any plugins available for bbPress/WP post synchronisation? By this, i mean that any new posts created in WP are automatically created in the bbPress forums.

    I know there are plugins available for older stand-alone version of bbPress which won’t work. Basically what i’m trying to achieve is, when a new post is posted in the category “reviews”, it appears in the forum “reviews” and so forth.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Anointed


    Short answer, no.

    The new bbPress plugin uses custom post-types ‘topics/replies’ so technically topics and replies are already posts.

    It’s easiest to think of forum topics as simply WordPress posts that are simply styled as forum topics by using special templates.

    Of course anything is possible to build.

    I want in on this discussion too.

    I haven’t used bbPress before but I am ramping up fast on it as I have a big project with it.

    I am gathering the the only way to combine posts and the forum is through forum topics is this correct?

    So then (if it is correct) I can assume that forum topics are a custom post type and that I can then display forum topics alongside other posts in the blog yeah ?

    The essential idea is to have a registered user be able to create a topic.. which becomes a regular post in the blog (I know I will have to do a little tweaking to get the topics to appear as posts) but that is no the main idea, the main idea is for the reg user to create this topic then other members of the forum discuss this topic.

    Conversely, the system admin might create a post .. that the admin wants discussed in the forum .. so I am hoping that these two can intermingle like this ..


    This is a very useful feature, available in the old bbPress. Hope to see it on bbPress 2.




    Yes you are correct. bbPress uses custom post types for ‘forum/topic/reply’ so there is a separation of data types.

    Mixing the output of posts, topics, and replies would require a straightforward custom WordPress loop. It would also probably need a bit of template love to make it look right.

    The idea of having a topic automatically created when a new post is created, or vice versa is another topic. Yes it is possible although I am not sure the best way to go about it.

    Actually I totally got it :)

    I think bbPress is getting easier to use in later iterations or something (I wouldn’t want to attribute it to my skillful coding).

    It’s in a dev environment or I would shoot you guy the URL to check it out….

    Glad I went this route from the onset versus other choices to persue.




    Good to see the discussion going. I’ve slightly got my head around it but i’m going to need a helping hand.

    I’m using a plugin called ‘Advanced Custom Fields’. I’ve created a new group of Custom Fields named ‘Articles’. Within this group i have 3 custom fields (intro, main, links). I then use a rule where this Custom Field Group is related to the edit screen of a Post Type equal to Topic.

    So now when i go to Topics > New these 3 custom fields appear (i’ve made it so the default fields do not appear). I then select the forum “Articles” and post. The next problem is inserting these custom fields into the forum template so they actually appear. I have not looked into this step yet, what files need to be edited etc, but i’m sure it is possible.

    I also have the forums “Reviews”, “Previews”, etc, and these posts will require an entirely different set of Custom Fields. The problem is i cannot use the Post Type equal to Topic because it is already used for the Articles Custom Fields.

    Basically, how would i go about creating Post Types of Topic-Article, Topic-Review, Topic-Preview etc and have the forums functioning correctly? I’m kinda new at all of this so sorry if i don’t explain myself correctly.




    Quick follow up. I managed to implement what i was talking about in my previous post. It seems to be working fine for now.

    Within the file loop-single-reply.php i changed <?php bbp_reply_content(); ?> to <?php echo get_field(‘intro’); ?> and it displayed the custom field. The other custom fields also worked (main, links).

    I’m not sure i’ll be able to work out the next step though!

    EDIT: I just realised this doesn’t work, because replies to the topic wouldn’t work. It would use this loop also so replies won’t show. I think i’ll leave it to the experts.

    Someone resolve that problem?

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