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bbPress 2.0 – Multisite features?

  • 0xDE1E7E


    Hello everyone!

    I am new to bbPress but am pretty excited about it! I run a few gaming websites, each with its own userbase and forum. I now want to move to WordPress Multisite to create a network of my sites, merge all users into a single userbase and have a common forum for all sites. This all should not be a problem from what I have read, but I am still wondering about the multisite features of bbPress… What I’d like to do is having a forum on the main network site with one subforum for each site in the network. Now, to have a consistent user experience regarding the look of things, would it be possible to display said sub forum on a network site? If not, is it possible the other way round, i.e. displaying forums from network sites on the main network site?

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  • travis.hill


    I’m trying to understand what it is you want to accomplish; i’m afraid the answer is that it’s possible, just not “out of the box” so to speak.

    Your main network site will hold the forum and all subforums, and users from each site will have access to all forums.

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