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bbPress 2.0.3 on WordPress 3.4 Multisite Issues

  • Bryan Hadaway


    Here are the details: is setup for multisite with just one add-on site

    Now when test registering a user for everything works as normal. User is registered, receives activation email and can login.

    However, after logging in the user and attempting to post a bbPress topic the following message is received:

    “You cannot create new topics at this time.”

    My initial thought was “Okay, 3.4, probably some hiccups to still be worked out with all these variables and all the plugin authors making the mad dash to fix unforeseeable issues that arise.”

    However, after further investigation I realized what the issue was that the test user failed to be registered as’s user and instead as some sort of pseudo network user hence not having the right privileges.

    Thanks, Bryan

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