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bbPress 1.1 Import to New 2.1.2 Plugin

  • hixsonb


    I really hate to open a new topic since there seems to be several on the subject I have in mind. Which involves issues when trying to import a bbPress 1.1 installation to WordPress 3.4.2 using the bbPress 2.1.2 plugin.

    I have read the other topics but I am still not getting something right or I am just overlooking a step.

    As stated, I have a current bbPress 1.1 installation that is integrated to my WordPress installation.

    When I fill out all the fields in the Import Forums section, it starts the process but I receive a message “No forums to convert”, “No topics to convert” and etc. However, there are no errors.

    I looked in the WP_Options table for the bbp_converter_query option to see if it provided any information but that option was not there.

    After everything completes, I do run the Repairs and Recounts to no avail.

    Quite honestly, to me… it looks like the plugin is not connecting to the database even though I know the settings are correct.

    Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks much,

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  • hixsonb


    I finally go this to work. The only way I could get the migration tool to function correctly is by using “localhost” as the host instead of an IP address or fully qualified domain name.

    This is OK if the database is on the same host but if you are moving from another location, it won’t work.

    Maybe I am missing something.

    At any rate, this particular instance was solved by using localhost instead of an IP address.

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