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bbPress 1.0-alpha-4 released

  • Sam Bauers


    A bug fix release of the 1.0 alpha series is now available from the download page.

    Should fix issues that people had with integrated cookies with WordPress in 1.0-alpha-3 without reverting any new features in it.

    We are edging towards a complete WordPress integration solution and to aid setup on the WordPress side I’ve created a new plugin, using it will fix the problem that people have experienced where they login via WordPress an have no access to the bbPress admin area.

    The plugin is available through the WordPress plugin site and so is also installable via the built-in WordPress 2.7 plugin installer.

    Also, WordPress users without a role will now receive one by simply visiting the bbPress site with a valid WordPress cookie set. Previously the user had to login to bbPress for this to occur.

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  • I´ve done everything in my power to integrate BBpress with WP 2.7 but i wont do it, every cookie salt, cookie key, EVERYTHING in both setting files is the same and still it behaves as 2 completely different installation, this is really weard.



    @JesperA – what type of hosting setup are you using? PHP, MySQL, Apache versions, Windows/OSX/Linux, etc. There is something weird on some setups, for sure.

    @chrishajer I am using Windows Vista with Wamp (Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5..2.8, MySQL 5.1.30)., running on my own server at home.

    I am using name based virtual hosts in apache, it seems to be setup correctly because everything else is working ok.

    I´ve notised that the cookie domain in php.ini is undefined, do i have to add an value to that?

    When logging into WP and BBP each on is own i get 8 cookies, it that the number i should get?

    Sam Bauers


    The problem with automated role mapping is now fixed in trunk.

    @JesperA: Have you tried to change the cookie keys from the default phrases? For instance a simple word?

    I’m not at all sure if that’s the problem, but I didn’t get my integration working before I changed the keys to something completely different without special chars or whitespaces. Although I might have done something else as well in the same run.

Viewing 5 replies - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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