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bbPress released

  • Trent Adams


    From Sam’s Post on the main bbPress blog:

    Due to popular demand we have bundled a bug-fix release for bbPress. (still called “Desmond” I believe) and it is now available for download.

    This version is not the latest development release so as to remain as compatible as possible with the current version of WordPress.

    The primary reason for the release is to fix some bugs in the MySQLi implementation. We anticipate that MySQLi support will be dropped in the future and to this end we have made MySQL the default extension instead of MySQLi.

    A few other fixes and enhancements have also snuck in:

    • Deep forum breadcrumbs with thanks to baptiste
    • More consistent topic labeling methods – users of the support forum plugin will probably need to upgrade to version 2.3.3
    • Some fixes to stop orphaned sub-forums from disappearing from all view
    • There is now one of those fancy checkboxes to mark a user as a bozo

    A couple of those changes will affect existing themes. If you have questions about adapting your theme to be compatible with the new topic labeling and forum breadcrumb features, then ask over on this forum topic.

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  • chrishajer


    Thank you for this.



    do you now of any bugs in the synchronizing of wp an bbp. I am testing these sytems and having issues with email registrations. I get an email notification in wp letting me know there is a new registrant but no registration password and link come through. When you register in bpress nothing happens other then saying password was sent.

    Even more odd is the fact that email notification for favorites in bbpress works just fine. I have no idea what the issue is. can anyone help me.. At this point I would donate to your cause if you can get this to work/synchronize.

    sit is located at homesandagents dot com


    bad Version, why too many bugs ?

    Look this :

    Sorry 4 my bad english.


    Sam Bauers


    See this post for a solution.

    PHP Error Messages

    This was a problem before this version, but is fixed in the latest builds.

    That I made now already fourth time and it come again and again the same error. So can’t that be, what could still lie?



    While this looks ugly, they’re just PHP warnings. PHP error messages and warnings should not be visible on a production webserver anyway. They are there because of a problem with the bbPress code and the way it is interacting with your server, but they are not preventing you from going further. If you suppress the PHP warnings (maybe you have access to your .htaccess file) you will be blissfully unaware of the warnings.

    Now it folds finally.

    This was possible by the .htaccess.

    Now I wanted to install the Design, whatever is used here, but that is not correctly indicated.




    This stylesheet is referenced in your html, but it’s not actually there:

    404 Not Found
    Not Found

    The requested URL /my-templates/bbpress-forum/style2.css was not found on this server.

    omg, your are so good. xD

    Thank you

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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