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bbPM Private Messages

  • I have uploaded bbPM to my site at siteground. I uploaded it to “my-plugins” along with a few other working plugins. Private messaging shows up along with my other plugins but when I activate it I get the following 2 error boxes at the top:

    bbPM is installed in the “public_html” directory. It should be installed in “my-plugins”


    The my-plugins directory has its permissions set to 750. This is not recommended. Please use 755 instead.

    Well I’m far from competent with php but the permissions does say “755” beside the ‘my-plugins’ folder and

    I did install it the “my-plugins” along with the other plugins. I did pull up an existing topic at my site and saw that the option to send a private message was there but when I clicked on it I got an “error 404”.

    Thanks in advance for any replies and Happy New Years!

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  • I need to become a student of PHP I do believe…or find a webmaster!

    Ben L.


    The folder called bbpm should be in my-plugins.

    I got the same issue. I first put all of the contents of the folder bbPM into bbpress/my-plugins and got this message:

    bbPM is installed in the “bbpress” directory. It should be installed in “my-plugins”

    Then I put the actual folder itself into bbpress/my-plugins, but got the same result.

    So even though it gives me this error, “Private Messages” still shows up as an option in bbPress forums, even though I have deactivated the plugin.

    So, what the heck, let’s try to send a PM. First, no user list, so I’m guessing I’ll just type the user’s name and see if it works. Test message took me to the following URL:

    So I’ve put the entire contents of bbPM plugin into bbpress/my-plugins but it’s trying to operate pm.php from my-plugins/my-plugins.

    Not to mention that bbPM shows up in both “Active” and “Inactive” plugin lists. DOH!


    …still going…consider 2 previous posts before this one.

    So I cleared out everything and started again. Made sure /my-plugins and /bb-plugins were both void of anything to do with bbPM. Check.

    Reinstalled bbPM – the entire folder and contents – into /my-plugins/ check.

    Go to bb-admin, plugins, and voila, it’s there in “Inactive”. Activate: “bbPM” plugin activated! Woo hoo!

    But alas, upon refresh, shows up in Inactive and Active. Cool thing is, in the Active list, it gives me only the option to activate bbPM. So let’s try that: “bbPM” plugin activated! woo hoo!

    But alas, no joy. Type new PM, guess at recipient username, SEND: blank page at

    I knew it couldn’t be as easy as the documentation said.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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