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bbp user online status

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  • Hi,

    My GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has users online status tracking, among hundreds of other features and tweaks.





    Thank you for your reply. There are a lot of options in this plugin.
    Does the online status appear only on topics and replies, or can it also appear on the profile page, possibly in blog comments? After all, the user is also there online, not just on the forum.

    Thank you!

    There is a function that can be called if you want to display the status outside of the forums, so you can update your theme templates to use it to show the status. But, the online status update is done only on the forum pages, with 5 minute offset. I can add a feature request to set status outside forums too.



    These sound very good. 🙂

    But I still have questions:
    Is there a shortcode for the content of the Online users tracking widget?
    Does this content refresh without reloading the page, for example every minute?

    1. There is the only a widget. But, there is some plugin that can turn widget content into the shortcode, you should check that. I might add shortcodes in the future.
    2. No, the widgets don’t use AJAX to refresh content. I don’t see any benefit in that really, because users rarely sit on one forum page for a long time to even notice changes in such a widget. If the forum content is loaded fully using AJAX, that would be a different case, but bbPress doesn’t support something like that right now.



    Yes, what you wrote is absolutely understandable.

    I’ll buy the plugin. What happens after that? How do I access this function that allows me to display whether a user is online or not, on their profile page and blog comments?

    There is a short tutorial in the knowledge base with code example. If you need more help, just open a new topic in the official support forum, and I will help you there.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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