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BBP template alteration?

  • blueoceans2002


    I have upgraded the bbpress to 2.3.2 and buddypress to 1.7.2 . Since then I am having trouble to fix group forums. Well after going through the guide I was able to get the group forums to work. Now I see that when I go to particular group>select forum from group menu, I see that the sub-nav with “Add new topic” and “forum directory” has disappeared from the sub-nav. What I see is that the Add new topic form is seen at the bottom. If there are 20 forum posts, users have to scroll down to start creating new posts. I would like to know if there is any way
    1. to tweek into the template to create an event “Add new post”. If yes , Which is the template that I need to work on?
    2. If I need to work on HTML part of the templates is there, which is the template for group forum?
    I am pretty sure many more people are looking for this as there is a major change. Help highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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