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bbP Signature – Development

  • Arjun S Kumar


    Hi folks,
    As you all know, the plugin bbP Signature received it’s last update almost two years ago. I’m not actively updating the plugin, though I recently stumbled upon a WordPress mailing list thread regarding abandoned plugins, and I thought of writing this post.

    If any of you guys are looking forward to contribute to the plugin, I can provide you with commit access, so that the plugin is live.

    The source is also available on GitHub, so you can even make pull requests.

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  • Robin W


    Thanks for not just abandoning.

    I’d be happy to take that plugin over and keep it updated as I use it on one of my forums.

    so yes add me as commit access – name is Robin W

    and I’ll happily take it over !

    Arjun S Kumar


    Hey Robin,
    Sure, I can provide you with commit access ( You might have received it already by now).
    I’d be more happy if we keep the development live on GitHub as well.

    You can reach me at arjunskumar06 at gmail dot com. Feel free to write to me, so that I can also help out.

    Nice 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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