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bbP Plugin 2.0 b2 – "Please slow down you are posting to fast!" error message

  • I have a user who is reporting this error, “Please slow down you are posting to fast!”, despite there being more than an hour since his last post.

    Anyone know where this is coming from or what’s causing it? My throttle time is set to 10 seconds.



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  • John James Jacoby


    I have a feeling it’s because of timezones and GMT, but having trouble pinpointing it to any specific math issues. Where is this user in the world, in relation to your site, and what timezone setting is your site set to?

    Excellent question… let me ask him and get back to you on that.


    OK, turns out he’s in Israel! So whatever timezone that is, I’m not sure. He’s an American so I had assumed he’s in the US but, obviously not.

    Any idea how this could be causing the speed errors?

    Also the grammar in that error message needs a little fix… “to” instead of “too”. :)


    John James Jacoby


    Probably should say “too quickly” but who’s counting? :)

    I’ll take a look. I imagine it’s a current_time() gmt issue. Might not make it into Beta 3, but it’s on the radar.

    Cool, glad to hear there might be a fix for this even if it is somewhat obscure.

    And yeah, “too quickly”… I was gonna give you a pass on that one though… ;)


    FYI I just got a bit more info from the user that was having this problem. Turns out it is NOT a forum error and is a WordPress specific error. He only gets it when commenting in the WP section of my site.

    That’s one “downside” of sorts with the integrated forum plugin… users can’t tell what’s WordPress and what’s bbPress, if they aren’t real familiar with both.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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