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bbcode lite : display others bbcodes in code, into a code balise

  • Hi,

    i have a little problem with the bbcode lite plugin: when i use the code bbcode, and when i display others bbodes into it, this bbcodes are not displayed in code.. so it is possible to correct that?



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  • chrishajer


    Can you post a screenshot showing the functionality that is missing, or what the plugin is doing wrong?



    bbcode is not displayed between code tags or backticks.

    This is a purposely designed feature, not a bug.

    ah ck, it is possible to have the choice for that? in example, i would like to propose “posts templates” for presentations or interviews, and i need that.



    I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

    IMHO, anything between code (or backticks) should ALWAYS be seen raw, unfiltered.

    If you need a tag similar to CODE, why not add the PRE tag to bbPress’s allowed tags. bbCode will work between PRE tags.

    with pre or code, bbcode are not displayed…

    i need to see bbcodes in code tags because on my forum i use pre-formatted posts, for many uses

    in example for:

    pre strong test /strong /pre

    i would like to see strong and /strong …

    there is no way?




    If you want to also use [pre] then you have to also edit the bbcode plugin to translate that tag too.

    Hmm, this is strange, I have ‘pre’ in the allow extra tags list but it’s not being added.

    Update: argh, bbPress unsets “pre” and “br”

    Alright, if you want bbcode processed in code/backtick sections, simply comment out this line in the plugin:

    // if (preg_match_all("|<code>(.*?)</code>|sim", $text, $backticks)) {foreach ($backticks[0] as $backtick) {++$counter; $text=str_replace($backtick,"_bbcode_lite_".$counter."_",$text);}}

    It’s right under


    erf, the bbcodes are already not displayed :'( :'(

    i try to make:

    code strong test /strong /code

    but i can’t see the strong balise.



    Did you comment out the line I listed above in the plugin?

    yes _ck_

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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